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At the present time, stations are broadcasting in both conventional and digital signals using different station ID# or frequency. For example: NBC in Buffalo, NY is available on Channel #2 (analog) and on Channel #33 (digital). To get the analog version you simply press 2 but you'll need to do a scan before you will get a picture when selecting #33.

Before you can enjoy watching crystal-clear TV signals, you'll need to program the stations into the converter. With conventional TV signals, you simply enter the # corresponding to the station. Many built-in converters require you to do an Auto Scan to store your available stations before you use Ch & Ch to move to the prev. / next station. With a digital converter, the available stations (14-69) must be scanned for stations & sub-stations or the TV screen will be blank when a station is selected.

Finding the station ID #: The place you are not likely to find ID # for the new stations is in a TV guide included in a local newspaper. Go to an Internet search engine such as: www.yahoo.com or www.google.com and do a search on "digital TV stations". Find your location and a list with station # should come up. Another approach is to do an auto-scan on the stations.

Local digital broadcast stations info you should look for on the Internet:

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