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All digital TV converters used in North America conform to the ATSC standard. Some but not all new TVs labelled as HDTV and monitors have built-in ATSC converters although all of them have a CATV converter for cable TV and a tuner for pickup up analog signals (VHF & UHF stations 2-69). You can easily buy an ATSC converter from an electronic store in the US or mail-order one if you live in Canada and have trouble getting one locally.

Different ATSC tuners:

  1. Stand-alone ATSC converter.
  2. ATSC converter built into a TV.
  3. Satellite receiver with ATSC tuner for local stations.
  4. ATSC adapter plugged into a computer.

ATSC converters are all made to pick up free digital signals. The thing that makes them work is a good antenna. Regardless of price they all do the same job. Many have features such as favorite channel memory and parental control that allows you to add password-codes to restrict stations for younger viewers at home. There are satellite receivers with a coaxial cable plug for Cable TV and local stations. Only some of these are have built-in ATSC converters.

Currently, most DVD recorders come equipt with a converter for analog VHF, UHF and CATV signals. In the near future, they will be equiped with ATSC converters for digital broadcasts.

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