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Any good antenna can be used. You can contact a local antenna dealer and ask for an inspection of your location. The best is an outdoor antenna that lets you pull in stations from 60mi (100km) depending on the terrain. Large outdoor antennas allow you to pick up fringe stations 120mi (200km) away when mounted higher up and limited to the curvature of the earth.

It is best to point an antenna to the direction of the station (direct line-of-sight). If you are facing a building or other obstructions, try a different direction to catch the bounced signals. An indoor antenna should be placed by the window in the room directly facing the station transmitters. You may need to run a cable from another room to your TV.

The connecting cable from your antenna to an ATSC converter or to a TV with a built-in converter is 75 coaxial cables (same type as CATV). Twin-lead 300 (flat copper) wires once common but no longer in use. If you have an old antenna with copper wires, replace them with coaxial cables for less signal loss.

Try combining 2 antennas as necessary for better results using a signal combiner asdapter which allows you to connect 2 antennas together with 1 output cable to your TV.

Signal spliter / combiner  CATV adapter for old copper wires

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