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About this Site

This site is for TV viewers in North America (U.S. & Canada included) who enjoyed picking up free signals without paying for cable or satellite subscription. Even if you are paying for a service provider, you can keep an old-fashion antenna setup at home for emergencies (when your provider is under repair) or if you travel out of town or relocate and do not wish to pay for a TV service.

At the present time, governments in both countries require local broadcasters to convert their signals from analog used since the 1950s to digital by 2008. During and after the digital signal conversion, you can continue viewing the same local stations you are picking up for free with a crystal-clear picture without ghosts or snow.

What is NOT required for receiving FREE digital signals:

  1. New TV
  2. Special antenna
  3. Computer
  4. Pay to a cable of satellite subscriber.

To lean more about setting up any TV to receive clear signals for free, read on...

Digital Conversion[Digital Conversion]